Hi - I'm Myles.


I help Internal Auditors just like you hack your auditing skills and your career.

I’ve spent over 30 years working as an auditor, manager, and executive in the internal audit industry, including over 10 years running my own internal audit and risk management consulting firm. I’ve parlayed the techniques, skills, and strategies that I teach into a sizable net worth.

In other words, I’ve eaten my own dog food: I’ve done what I’m recommending that you do, and I’ve proven that what I teach works. I’m confident that if you fully implement what I’m sharing with you, that you can achieve similar results.

At The Internal Auditor Whisperer, our mission is to help you, Internal Auditor, Internal Audit Manager, and Internal Audit Executive, maximize your earning potential and career satisfaction; and to provide a new kind of internal audit training to a new generation of internal auditors.

Our courses are the missing manuals to all of the others texts that you read and training classes you attended.  They are what they don't teach you in school or on the job.  The street-smarts field manuals; the in-the-trenches guides to internal auditing.  They are the training you won’t get anywhere else.

Our courses help position you as the internal auditing expert.

  • Be perceived as the expert both inside and outside your organization
  • Achieve the respect of your management and peers
  • Maximize your earning potential
  • Get on the fast track to promotions
  • Maximize your career satisfaction

When I'm not working on my businesses, I usually traveling the US and the World, just enjoying life. I wish someone would have taught me these secrets when I was young in my career.

I would have been traveling the world and enjoying life a whole lot sooner.