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Internal Auditors!


Want to learn the secrets that I used to 7X my Internal Auditor compensation, and work from all over the world?


BEFORE THIS FREE NEWSLETTER: You're feeling stress. You're an average auditor. Stalled career. Average income, working towards average retirement

AFTER THIS FREE NEWSLETTER: You're feeling unstoppable. You're an audit star, on the rise. Supercharged career. Fast tracked to promotions. Continually rising income, working towards a retirement of the top 1%.


Want to learn real, practical, street-smarts strategies, tools, and techniques to help you become the go-to Internal Auditor or Audit Manager in your organization?


I’ve created a free, weekly newsletter than can help get you there.

The Greatest Internal Audit Newsletter Ever Written”

(Or if you prefer, A Damn Fine Internal Audit Newsletter with a ton of great content that you won’t get anywhere else)

No BS. Just no holds barred, kick butt, take no prisoners Internal Audit lessons, insights, and knowledge that you won’t get anywhere else.


“It’s criminal that they provide this information for free”, Bob Benson, head of global newsletter law enforcement


If this is not the most informative, insightful, practical, entertaining internal audit newsletter you’ve ever consumed, simply hit the unsubscribe button and I’ll send you double what you paid. (See what I did there?).


Seriously, I’ve spent over three decades working as an Internal Auditor and running my own Internal Audit Consulting firm. During that time, I took probably well over 100 internal audit training and CPE classes.

Perhaps like you, I found almost all of them entirely underwhelming. Most of them, I could barely stay awake; and the rest, frankly, simply re-iterated what I already knew.


I think you’ll find this newsletter is different. Radically different.


You'll get one or more of the following in each issue of the The Greatest Internal Audit Newsletter Ever Written:

  • Internal Auditor lesson of the week
  • Earning More - Practical career advice for maximizing your earning potential
  • Artificial Intelligence Corner – real AI prompts to help develop audit programs, tests, reports, and more
  • Management and Leadership corner – practical management and leadership skills and advice for auditors to implement now
  • Internal Auditor fails – learn from the mistakes of others
  • Dealing with audit managers and auditees from hell – practical advice on how to deal with the most difficult, mean, SOBs that you’ll ever come in contact with
  • Rules of internal auditing – the real commandments of internal auditing
  • And much more…



And outside of our training courses, you won’t find this information anywhere else.




Because it’s all based on my personal experiences.
It’s what I did to 7X my Internal Auditor compensation, and work from all over the world?


By the way, do you know, of all of the hundred or more internal auditors I’ve worked with over my career, do you how many of them that I knew that increased their net worth, and achieved the ability to retire early and work from any where in the world, like I did?


Exactly ZERO.


It’s a sad story. You have a choice. Don’t end up like all of them.


Don’t get me wrong. I like my job as an Internal Auditor. It’s just that I like it a hell of lot more now that I’ve maximized my earnings and net worth, and work from all over the world.


So, here’s all you need to do:

  1. input your email address;
  2. watch your inbox for each issue;
  3. consume and implement the lessons
  4. reap the rewards


It’s your choice.


You can be the ONE, or you can do what everyone else does and be the ZERO.


See you on the other side…


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